Absence, Jeffrey McDaniel


On the scales of desire, your absence weighs more
than someone else’s presence, so I say no thanks

to the woman who throws her girdle at my feet,
as I dropp a postcard in the mailbox and watch it

throb like a blue heart in the dark. Your eyes
are so green – one of your parents must be


Moving on

Hey, I’m sorry for all this. I mean you know me and that I love you with all it’s worth, and it’s been a few days so I can think clearly. Yes, it will hurt like hell and I probably won’t be over you or this for a long while. I just felt weak and that I needed you, which part of me really does. My junior teacher used to have this template letter that he repeatedly used to break up with girls, could you imagine not caring enough about someone to just give them a letter you give to every other person you’ve been with, just replace the name and insert a few personal moments. I wish there was a way heartbreak didn’t hurt and feel like all your insides are jumbled together and the entire world turns black. Where I stare off and think of every experience and feeling that I’ll never get to feel with you again. I just know deep down that you’re right and nothing I can do, say, or plea can make you love and want me the way that you used too. Where we can obtain the beautiful, amazing love that we shared. I also love that every love is a different love, and you were my love that I dived in with no repercussions, gave my heart to you, and expected nothing in return. You were amazing and I learned so much from you and I wish that I could make you happy and that you’d want to share our “little infinity” forever. Sad to think of what we had, and that you don’t believe we can get to that point, you’re right. No one can force you to feel a different way then you do. But I will always adore and appreciate you and that middle bit I wrote is the best part of this. I hope someone is able to give you everything you deserve in this world, inspire you, and show you opportunities creating the most fulfilling life that this world has to offer. I love you, and one day my love we will fly to the moon on a rocket of your engineering and eat cheesecake, floating around above the earth. As of right now, I get to look forward to solo brownie sundae dates, with a little colder booth seat imagining a world of my own.